Freedom Forever

Please Contact us for details of your local programme. 01942 262270

Many women have contacted us to ask for a follow on to the Freedom Programme so we have created exactly that and have started to roll it out across the UK. We are currently training professionals to facilitate it.

When attending the Freedom Programme, women have told us that they developed strong support networks with co attendees. They found it to be somewhere they were supported and not judged and that they had found somewhere they belonged.

At the end of the 12 week programme they did not want to leave the group. Where it was possible some women continued to attend for over a year. Others attended ad hoc when they were starting a new relationship, or having the “wobble” about past relationships. Some women returned after developing yet another abusive relationship, wondering how they could have fallen for it again.

Families that were involved with Social Care reported that they did not have a clue about the procedures used by Social Care. Others said they felt that they were being further abused by the system which was very often driven by the perpetrator. We have included in this course an overview of child protection procedures, this is not legal advice and we strongly recommend women seek legal advice from an appropriate solicitor if they find themselves in this position.

At the time of writing this course is very new there are only a few in the UK. While we wait for more to be established we have created an online version so that more women can access the information we provide.

We want to bring the information available on the Freedom Forever Course to women who have not been able to attend a group. We have added Freedom Forever to the online Freedom Programme without any additional fee and we hope that you will find it helpful.  You can find the online programme here


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