What to pack if you are planning to leave your partner

Ideally, you need to take all the following items with you if you leave. Some of these items you can try to keep with you at all times

Some form of identification.

Birth certificates for you and your children.

Passports (including passports for all your children), visas and work permits.

Money, bankbooks, cheque book and credit and debit cards.

Keys for house, car, and place of work. (You could get an extra set of keys cut, and put them in your emergency bag.)

Cards for payment of Child Benefit and any other welfare benefits you are entitled to.

Driving licence (if you have one) and car registration documents, if applicable.

Prescribed medication.

Copies of documents relating to your housing tenure (for example, mortgage details or lease and rental agreements).

Insurance documents, including national insurance number.

Address book.

Family photographs, your diary, jewellery, small items of sentimental value.

Clothing and toiletries for you and your children.

Your children’s favourite small toys.

You should also take any documentation relating to the abuse – e.g. police reports, court orders such as injunctions and restraining orders, and copies of medical records if you have them.

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