Freedom Programme for Primary Children

This programme is dedicated to all children who are living with or who are survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse.

We listened to many survivors who had escaped but found that there were little or no services for children.

We listened to adults who had grown up with domestic abuse and how that impacted them as they developed into adults.

We listened to children who had no choices and no way of stopping the abuse.

We listened to professionals from a multitude of agencies who wanted to help and support children in the families they were working with.

From this we have developed a programme targeted specifically at primary age children who are often the hidden victims of abuse.

We would like to give a special thank you to our friend and colleague Nina Malik for her enormous help and support during the creation of this programme.

Included in these thanks are all the wonderful teachers who support our children throughout their formative years. You know who you are ! Never underestimate the impact your words and actions have on the children entrusted to you.

We hope that you will find this programme useful.

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